• The Association was founded in 1955.
  • Represented in 95 countries.
  • 40 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members.
  • ISSA Members provide service in more than 500 locations.
  • ISSA is the international associations representing nearly 2.000 ship suppliers.
  • ISSA has been staging its Convention ever since the Association was founded in 1955.
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  • Established in the year 2003
  • One of the international association affiliated to ISSA since 2003.
  • Hosted ISSA Convention in 2009 in Istanbul.
  • Has 32 Members around Turkey with a total of 30.000 m2 storage area.
  • Members provide service with a capacity of more than 40.000 deliveries to ships in a year.
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Turkey is a very strategically located country in terms of international trade. 85% Export & Import
of country go through Turkey’s 71 ports. In recent years, the Turkish government has increased its
investment in the maritime sector in order to boost its competitiveness.

Turkey’s total freight handling capacity grew by around 50% in the last decade and Turkey’s
mega-yacht building sector has been growing at a rate of 20% annually over the past years.

  • Turkish Straits is the second busiest seaway in the world.
  • One of the World's biggest Container port in Istanbul (Ambarlı)
  • More than 70.000 Ships Calling Turkish Ports
  • More than 80.000 Ships Passing Turkish Straits
  • More than 40.000 Ships Supplied in Turkey
  • More than 80 Shipyards
  • 174 Ports all around Turkey
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